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Who: Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger (post order)
What: That awkward moment where everything is fucking awkward
Where: Harry's apartment, London
When: Friday night

Harry was barely in the door of his apartment when he found it rudely slammed shut and himself roughly shoved up against the back of it. His wand was out and jammed against the intruder's throat, an AK on the tip of tongue, when he realised who the intruder actually was. "Dra--" was all he got out before he had a set of exceptionally talented lips dominated his in a kiss that was so hungry that his head banged against the back of the door. Harry lowered his wand at first and ended up just dropping it on the floor and kicking it to the side so he could grab the back of Draco's hair and return the kiss with just as much force. He heard a rip and subconsciously logged somewhere in the back of his mind that, damnit, another shirt ruined and he would need a trip to Marks & Spencer soon... without telling Draco, of course. The blonde bitch had banned him from that store, so Harry had to ninja his way to get shopping now and again. No one made undies like Marks & Sparks.

He pulled out of the kiss breathlessly, wetting his lips. "Wait. I need to lock the door. Keys... and shit," he mumbled distractedly and locked the main lock of his door and then secured the second padlock he had on hand for privacy. Hermione and Ron both had keys, but sometimes, he just wanted to be alone. Or in this case, not so much on the alone. His shirt was hanging open and he kicked out of his shoes. "I had such a shit day at work. You're lucky I just two Red Bulls on the way one or this wouldn't even be on the menu, you know. I had this witness who swore she saw someone knocked out with a stick. I mean, it was obviously a wand, and I'm looking into who it was, but she was hysterical and had her tits all hanging out in this shirt that should seriously be banned. I mean, how do those sorts of clothes not cut off circulation, you know?" he bitched, flinging a sock off somewhere to the left of his living room.
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